Thursday, February 24, 2011

An Open Letter to the Texas Rangers

Dear Texas Rangers,

Yesterday I received an email from you. I was informed ‘regretfully’ that I would not be given the chance to purchase tickets for opening day 2011 against the Red Sox.

You cut me deep.

To read the opening line of your letter and see that you ‘regretfully inform me’ WELL! That makes everything better!  Actually your ‘regret’ does not make the situation better and it does not ease my irritation. Yes I realize that there were 120,000+ people who registered for tickets to see the defending AL Champions play on opening day. Do you realize how many of those are band wagon fans? Do you realize that at the first sign of distress with the team most of those 120,000 people are going to jump ship, and all of a sudden become fans of whoever is playing good at that time?

Let me tell you though, when they do jump ship, I’ll be here. I’ll be waving my claw and antlers flag high and proud. I’ll still rock my Hamilton jersey, and all of my Rangers gear. Do you owe me a favor? Probably not, but just so you know, you guys won the ALCS on the day of me and my wife’s wedding (Oct 22, we were totally good luck for you) and we announced the score at the reception. Plus we watched you in the World Series on our honeymoon. I think we deserve a shot to buy opening day tickets, just saying…

I’m not happy that you wrote me a break up letter and denied me tickets for opening day, but I’ll stay true, I’ll keep cheering you on. I’m like the Michael Young of fans right now, not happy but I will still be there to root you on.


Disgruntled in Fort Worth

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